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Meet Mary Anne Wisinski-Rosely!

NAIWWM | August 30, 2019

How have you been able to successfully network yourself?

“I think you need to always be available and always be looking for opportunities. It’s not just 8-5, if you are out to dinner or at a baseball game, wherever you are you are always networking yourself. I have successfully networked myself by learning how to be personable with the people I meet."

Are there any ethical concerns that are present in Commercial Real Estate?

“I think the biggest thing is treating your client’s confidentiality with respect and integrity. I have some clients I work with that don’t want people to know they are looking for a property, however there are also companies that broadcast their search for a property. I also think the confidentiality with negotiations between parties should be practiced more.”

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting out in commercial real estate, what would that be?

“First of all, my dad taught me, ‘No deal is ever too small!’ I’ve done deals as small as 100 sqf, and I’ve done big deals. Your small clients could produce the biggest outcomes. You never know what those clients will become or who they might know. My advice would be to treat everyone equal no matter their need.”

What do you enjoy most about working for NAI Wisinski?

“I enjoy the people! We have a great group of people that work here that have mutual respect for one another as well as integrity with each other. At work I don’t have to worry about someone going behind my back or stepping on my toes primarily because we have an open communication regarding our projects and collaborations. It all roots from the culture that is present here. There is a lot of comfort in knowing that I can enjoy the work that I do and enjoy the place that I work even more.”