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Q&A with Rod Alderink

Meet Rod Alderink!

Describe your work style. How has this enabled you to produce more than your peers throughout your career?

“My work style is relational. It is built on being involved in several organizations and having a leadership role in them. I receive a lot of business through those means. This is in addition to good old hard work, lots of phone calls, and site visits. ”

What is your favorite book that you’ve read that has impacted your success?

“I read inspirational books like Love Does and Everybody Always both by Bob Goff.”

What practices have you found to be most beneficial in retaining your customers for future business?

“I have a lot of long term customers and repeat business. Doing a good and thorough job for them every time, and making the complex simple for them. Also, staying involved in whatever the client is doing, whether it is family matters, business, lunches, etc.”

What area of your career do you think you need to improve, and how would that help you perform at a higher level?

“A lot of my long-term clients are aging, I have had them for 25 or 30 years, making them age 70 or older. I would like to pursue a new group of younger clients that are in the market purchasing investments or doing real estate, making that paradigm shift.”

How do you stay positively driven when you have not made a sale for a period of time?

“Being in the business as long as I have, I have a long-term time horizon; I know there are dips and rises. I have gotten used to things working out in the long run. It comes down to faith for me, I know that God will provide.”

What are you most proud of accomplishing?

“Having a good balance of being a successful commercial realtor over the long term and being a very involved dad/husband. Also, being involved in other activities that I can use my gifts and talents to benefit the community and people of our church.”

Describe your values. How do your personal values guide your daily efforts?

“My Christian faith is at the core of everything I do. I found that this job allows me time to mentor people and do things that a more structured job would not allow. My faith guides everything; it motivates my integrity, and helps me balance work and family.”

Rod Alderink has been an agent for 30+ years, he specializes in the sale and leasing of retail, office, and investment properties. If you are interested in contacting Rod, please email him at