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Why Property Management?

By: Tom Bowers

As West Michiganders, we have the unique opportunity to live in a community full of vibrant industry founded by dozens of self-starters who believed in their dreams and set forth to achieve them. Decades of these individuals driving our economy has created a culture built on a proud do-it-yourself attitude.

Commercial real estate owners and investors often look at the management of their assets in the same way. Opting to carry the burden of managing an asset on their own, rather than assigning a property manager to the project. Many ask the simple question, “why property management?”

A property manager’s primary goal to act as an extension of the investors and owners they are working on behalf of. It is the commitment of a property manager to take on the desires and goals an owner has for an asset as their own, controlling expenses building rapport with tenants; and managing the days “crisis” in a professional and effective manner.

Managing the crises becomes a cornerstone of a property managers value. Responsible to be available around the clock, property managers possess a unique ability to respond to and mitigate emergency situations quickly and efficiently, making the restoration of a positive tenant experience paramount.

Property managers seek to drive value through a variety of tactics. The most important being the creation of a strong partnership with investors, owners, tenants, and industry partners, where transparency and integrity are critical. With West Michigan’s do-it-yourself attitude an inspiration, property managers seek to change that narrative to “do-it-together.”

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